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The Five Traits to get you hired by an Airline.

14 APR 2017
Posted By : SASS in Aviation in Recruitment

Most cabin crew interviews will see candidates go through several rounds of interview segments. It is not surprising considering the huge turnout vying for limited number of vacancies. So in order to ensure only the quality candidates are selected, interviewers tend to have a set of criteria in which they abide by.

So what do interviewers look out for?


#1 Smile 笑容

A relaxed, natural smile always make a person feel more amicable. Be conscious of your facial expressions as there are people watching you. One can tell if you are forcing a smile and you don't want to appear 'fake' do you?


#2 Eloquence 溝通能力

Being a Cabin Crew, you will be facing and interacting with hundreds of passengers and working with different sets of crew every flight. Communication is key and the delivery of your speech is also crucial. If English is not your main language, ensure that you practice often. Taking language classes will also help.


#3 The Right Fit 合適的形象與性格

If you haven't already noticed, certain airlines tend to go for a certain look when selecting their cabin crew. Not only do looks matter, interviewers will try to suss out if your character and personality is in line with the company's values. An interview works both ways, the company is determining if you are the right choice just as much as you are finding out if the Company suits you. Do read up on the company you are applying for to have a better understanding of the company's work culture.


#4 Service Attitude 服務態度

Of course when applying for a Cabin Crew position, experience in service related industry would be a great advantage. But all is not lost for greenhorns in this industry as well. As long as you display characteristics of a good service personnel; attentiveness to details, show care and concern for others, able to anticipate one's needs, you should be in the 'keep' list for the interviewers.


#5 Honesty 誠懇

The best attribute you can have during any interview is to be honest. Interviewers are able to see right through your story if you do concoct one. Be sure that your resume is accurate as background checks will also be done to ensure credibility. Be genuine and the interviewers will definitely be able to feel your sincerity.