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Tips on how to prepare for cabin attendant open day interviews.

16 SEP 2015
Posted By : SASS in Aviation in Recruitment

Whether you are in Singapore, Taiwan,Korea or Hong Kong. It is many young girl's dreams to be one of those poised cabin attendants,globe-trotting for a living. While some may argue it is but a waitress job in the skies, many see it as a job to be glamorous and having an opportunity to see the world and make new friends.

Most airline hire cabin attendants of age 18 and above. Many are worried about the questions and the qualities interviewers look for during the airline's Recruitment Open Day.

Airline hold their recruitment Open Day interviews regularly in Taipei, Seoul, Hong Kong and many major asian cities. From what SASS observed, there is no one standard answer on how these interviews can be aced.There are, however,some simple but great tips on how to better prepare for this experience.

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    Being a Cabin Attendant is a prestigious job. Respect what you wear for the interview.

    Don't turn up ready to go clubbing

    Be presentable.Shirts,pencil skirts,pants,shift dresses and tailored blazers are fine as long as you are confortable and confident. Makeup is important but keep it classy and minimal. Leave the gaudy eyeshadow colours and long false lashes for other moments.
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    Your Credentials.
    The usual- a few good passport photos of yourself,portfolio of certificates and application form should be prepared readily for the actual day.Do bring along a pocket mirror, lipstick and light-scented perfumefor touch up purpose since there will probably be a long queue. Having something to read could help kill the time.
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    The Interview.

    Here's the first chance to make a poised impression.
    You go into a room with a group and may be given a minute each to do some self introduction. The norm is to introduce yourself together with your age,your current or previous profession and your hobby. Do plan your speech in your head,project your voice and you have to articulate well in English. Look around everyone and yes, with a simple smile.
    At times, the interviewer may ask you a follow up question. That's a good thing because it means they like to understand a bit more about you. This is the best time to strike and impression.

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    Skin Check.

    Just smile and remain confident.
    You can't do much about actual skin condition on that day but you can prepare well for it. We will save the "hydrate well", "turn in early the night before the interview" cliche tips. We think every girl will know best their skin conditions and it is important you play that to your strong advantage during this round.

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    Do you work well with strangers for the first time?

    You will probably be split up into different group and will be briefed through a series of situation tests.Winning or losing has no consequences to the evaluation .
    Remember the whole idea(interviewers will be standing at a corner)to asses how you react/work with the other candidates. This assimilates to the actual future work environment and the whole point is to find out how you fit into the situations and dynamics. Be proactive(but not bossy) in your engagement and you should be fine.

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    Mannerism goes a long way.

    Use your "please" and "thank you" freely. Positivity goes a long way and everyone love politeness. If you are faced with a difficult question or situation from your interviews, remain calm and use words like "I understand" and "I believe" to express your assurance
    Always be sure to check yourself in the way you sit and stand. Leaning against the wall or slouching even when you believe no one is looking is an absolute no.
    Many articles online suggest cabin attendants's interview as gruelling and terrifying.SASS believe that these interviewers are intended to bring out your best professional image forward for the airlines's assesement. As long as you have a keen interest,display confidence and warmth, you will be doing fine.More importantly, you have to enjoy and learn through the experience.

*The article is contributed by SASS Associates. While the preliminary selection is conducted by ANA appointed agency SASS, final decision lies with ANA. We will not be held responsible on eligibility or final selection on the Open Day.
Preliminary selec-on is conducted by ANA appointed agent, SASS Associates Grp.