SASS Associates Grp Pte Ltd is in the business of helping people fulfill their dreams and aspirations.

SASS specializes in the hiring of talents all over Asia to match the needs of specific service industries such as aviation and hospitality.

Incorporated in Singapore, SASS is led by a group of individuals who are driven, passionate, and have professional experience that spans across different countries and industries. We fully understand the challenges in finding the right talents to fit the right jobs and we have the means and expertise to achieve the results. As a partner, we aim to create meaningful tripartite relationships with our clients and our talents/associates.

Our clients include a 5-star airline in Japan and a 4-star hotel in Singapore. Our associates come from South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia.


SASS is a subsidiary of CMM Global (Group) Ltd, which was incorporated more than 20 years ago and currently has more than 800 employees in 7 countries. The Group has a diversified portfolio of businesses including the manufacturing and distribution of textile, building materials, furniture, and property & land development.


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